House Rules

Asunto Oy Lähderanta - Källstrand Bostads Ab

The purpose of these rules and regulations is to ensure residential comfort, domestic peace, safety and security for all residents by encouraging good behaviour and by forbidding disorderly conduct.

1 Exterior doors must be kept locked at all hours to prevent trespassing.

2 To help the staircases and basement corridors remain clean and tidy,

- Make sure that your shoes are not dirty when you enter the house;

- Clean up after you;

- Air your apartment through windows and balconies, not by opening the door to the staircase;

- For reasons of safety, store prams, bicycles, etc. only in designated premises;

- Avoid loitering in the staircase or basement corridors.

3 Do not make unnecessary noise in the staircase and avoid closing doors noisily. Smoking is forbidden in the staircase.

4 Balcony rules

- Balconies should not be used for dusting carpets or bedclothes;

- Laundry or other items should not be hung over balcony railings;

- Neighbours must not be unreasonably disturbed by smoking or barbecuing in balconies.

Cigarette butts, ash or other litter must not be thrown from balconies or out of windows.

5 Bedclothes, carpets and furniture can be dusted in designated areas in weekdays from 8am to 7pm, on Saturdays and days before public holidays from 9am to 5pm, and on Sundays from noon to 4pm. Dusting on public holidays is forbidden. Corridor balconies should only be used for airing bedclothes and apparel.

6 Communal areas, such as staircases, storage premises and basements, must not be used for storing flammable, corroding, smelling or otherwise harmful substances or items, including mopeds with fuel. Smoking is forbidden in communal areas.

7 Household waste and discarded items should be sorted in compliance with relevant regulations and taken to appropriate waste collection stations without littering the environment.

Environmentally harmful or flammable substances or items that may block or damage pipes or drains must not be let into drains or the toilet. Small amounts of garden waste may be disposed of in the biowaste bin or handled in garden waste compost. A sackful or more of waste should be delivered to a Sortti reception station. Please contact the caretakers if you cannot handle this on your own.

8 Playing musical instruments, singing, or loud noise from TV, radio or other sound devices should be avoided between 11pm and 7am. Even too loud talking and all other noise should be avoided during the night's rest.

Please inform or agree with your neighbours beforehand about any event or activity that is likely to cause exceptional noise.

9 The apartments or other premises of the property must not be used for activity that will repeatedly cause excessive noise, vibration or smell between 8pm and 8am.

Neighbours must be informed in advance of any work that may produce noise or other disturbance.

10 Walking, picnicking and playing on the lawns are allowed. Anything that will damage the lawns or plants is forbidden. The use of the lawn should be avoided in spring or after sowing when the soil is fragile. The property has a special planting guide, which should be complied with.

11 Residents with pets should take care

- that the animals are kept on leash while moving in the premises (including staircases) or in communal areas;

- that they collect any waste left by their pets.

12 Should you discover pests or vermin please inform the property manager's office immediately for control measures to be taken.

13 External antennas, signage or posters must not be installed in communal premises, on external walls or roofs.

14 Motor vehicles can only be parked in designated P-areas. Repair and maintenance of vehicles, other than the change of tyres, lamps or bulbs, is forbidden on the property's grounds.

15 Any water leaks or pipe or wire damage must immediately be reported to the caretaker's emergency service number (0400-443 932).

16 In the row houses, these rules should be observed, as applicable. The occupants of the row houses are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the outdoor areas, lawns and plants included in their use right. The property has a special planting guide, which should be complied with. The housing company's authorization is required before any structures can be erected or removed or other changes made in the outdoor areas.

Current legislation as well as these house rules and any special instructions given by the Board of Directors must be observed in the apartments and in the property.

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